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​Emily Faccini is an artist, illustrator and map-maker. She studied art, graphics and illustration at Central St Martins, Bristol (BA) and Brighton (MA). Over the last two decades she has worked extensively as an illustrator and designer with an increasing focus on hand-drawn maps, endpapers, logos, lettering and book jackets for the publishing industry in the UK and the USA (MacLehose Press/Quercus, Portobello Books/Granta, Harvill, Harper Collins, Penguin, Bloomsbury, Mitchell Beazley, Chatto and Windus, and Orion).


Alongside her cartography and illustration her designs have been commissioned widely by individuals, newspapers, design companies and charities including Soane Britain, BBC Magazines, Condé Nast, Maggie's Centres, The Land Gardeners and Whiteworks. Whenever she has the time she likes to paint, and her work has featured in many London exhibitions.

She is married to the writer Ben Faccini and they have three children. They live in London and France.

Alex Preston reviewing Patrick Barkham's 'Islander' in the Financial Times, October 2017

"Each of the 11 chapters is illustrated with a vignette by Emily Faccini, who also gives us some pleasingly minimalist cartography. We’re currently living through a golden age in book design and this is right up there with the most beautiful publications of the year so far."

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